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Masterclass Leadership with the Pope

What kind of leader do you want to be?

Masterclass Leadership with the Pope are in-depth meeting of business, science and culture leaders to whom questions like „Where do we come from?” „Why are we here?” „Where are we going?” are important. We are convinced that we are entering a new era that Einstein prophetically spoke of as the return of the world of experienced mystery. This is why we create a community of people who are open to meet contemporary challenges. We desire for the Masterclass programme to be a way of searching for values and decisions, of thinking about the future and about what’s really worth doing, and not only what pays off. Future thinking and back to values.

It is not a religious initiative, but a programme for everyone who believes in value-based growth. Apart from other acclaimed authorities like John Maxwell and Patrick Lencioni, one of the „faces” of the project is the Pope, because according to the Edelman agency he is the world’s most authentic leader.

Our mission:
Serve to lead

„If someone really wants to transcend themselves, instead of parachute jumping I recommend bathing grandpas in a hospice.” The way of a mature leader is service. Serve to lead.

A certain young leader wrote us:

„I swam across rivers, climbed mountains, flew almost around the whole world.? Everything is running like clockwork?there’s enough dough? and I’m finally making my dreams true ? may Odin watch over you.??”

If you already have all that, maybe it’s time not to go further, but deeper?

The mission of popular leadership programmes

„Take matters in your hands and develop key competences in your further climb up the career ladder! You don’t know how to gain advantage in the race for the leader’s position?”

What is the Masterclass programme about?

Thought Leadership

Thanks to international and national events, workshops and meetings as well as the www.PopeLeadership.org platform, we enable constant exchange of knowledge and experiences between authority figures, mature leaders, companies and young leaders in the scope of leadership competences.

Knowledge Sharing

We stimulate the exchange of best practices and conduct discussions leading to the discovery new solutions to the program’s challenges and to the creation of added value for persons and companies. The developed discussions, reports and recommendations are forwarded to Pope Francis as the person who has influence on initiating changes in the world.


We foster guide (mentor) – young leader relationships between mature leaders (30+) in the fields of business, science, culture and sports and young leaders (aged 20-29). During events and on the PopeLeadership.org platform we give the young leaders a chance to „win” a relationship with a guide (mentor). The formula of this relationship ranges from consultations on Skype to personal mentoring. 


Masterclass is a community of leaders committed to creating the new growth model described by Pope Francis with the participation of authorities representing various views or denominations, connected by values. 

Leadership Intelligence

In cooperation with international think tanks, authorities and the Global Leadership Summit organisation, which unites the greatest number of leaders in the world (ca. 400 000), we are able to create reports to anticipate the directions of leadership development.


Our mission is to shape leaders, especially young ones, who will use their activities in the world in a wise manner, for the common good and to initiate global social change – change consisting in promoting attitudes consistent with the rules formulated based on Pope Francis’ words and universal values.

15 principles of good leadership according to Pope Francis

Principle 1

Don’t think that you’re immortal or indispensable 

Principle 2

Don’t overwork

Principle 3

Never lose sensitivity

Principle 4

Be spontaneous

Principle 5

Take care of fellowship

Principle 6

Remember those who helped you

Principle 7

Value others higher than yourself

Principle 8

Don’t lose touch with reality

Principle 9

Don’t gossip, don’t complain, don’t bite

Principle 10

Don’t idolise your superiors

Principle 11

Don’t be indifferent to others

Principle 12


Principle 13

Money is not the most important thing

Principle 14

Don’t lock yourselves in groups

Principle 15

Don’t promote yourself at all costs

Objectives of the programme

The strength of Masterclass is to be its effectiveness. To show fascinating people who make the world better everywhere they go. Authenticity and tangible effects resulting from action have a great force of impact. 

  • Discussing and understanding the signs of the current times in which we can discern the directions of civilizational development,
  • Uniting people around the idea of searching for new ways of thinking and being directed by higher motives that change us and the world for the better,
  • Fostering international dialogue by inviting reporters, business, science and culture personalities as well as local leaders from around the world,
  • Raising global awareness and inspiring subsequent generations by promoting our mission and themes,
  • Building a community of people, especially young, who will be able to participate in Masterclass in their localities in different countries thanks to technology and transmissions via social media,
  • Creating an international meeting platform for leaders from around the world who care about values and tangible action.

Media about us

Almost 200 leaders in the fields of business, culture and social organisations as well as journalists participated in the presentation of the Masterclass Leadership with the Pope programme in Warsaw. It is a chance for Poles to become the driving force of a global project that Pope Francis wishes to endorse. One of the elements of the whole project is to be a wandering Papal Tent of Meeting that will visit several dozen countries[…]

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