What is the Masterclass Leadership with the Pope programme?

Janusz Gajos in Masterclass video

What is
Masterclass about?


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The leader-guides act on their own account, supporting the Masterclass project. Please note that the Organizers may not identify with all the opinions presented by them.

Young leaders

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New relationships

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How to become part of the community and grow?

  • Create a free profile
  • Participate in the upcoming leadership event
  • During the events you will have the chance to win a mentoring relationship with a leader-guide. Gain experience and grow as a leader.

The Masterclass idea

Based upon Pope Francis’ 15 universal leadership principles, we form an international community of mature and young leaders.

Kamil Pawelski „Ekskluzywny
Menel” about Masterclass

Rome 2020


ROME 2020

April 27th-29th 2020
Partnership event



Impressions of participants

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